Mirth Integration

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Combined with Lime's automated sending rules, the integration with Mirth allows you to automate SMS and email sending using HL7 transactions. This makes it possible to communicate with your patients automatically based on different contexts: care pathways, facilities, clinics, status, and more.

To integrate Mirth with Lime, follow these steps.

1. Create a Lime API Key

1. To create an API key, see the article Managing API Keys. 2. Choose the scope Integration of Automated rules integration.

2. Download Lime's Mirth channel

Download the following Lime Mirth channel: Download

3. Import the Lime channel into your Mirth application

1. Log into your Mirth application. 2. Go to the Channels section. 3. Click on Import Channel. 4. Select and import the previously downloaded file (Lime's Mirth channel).

4. Insert the Lime API key in the Mirth channel configuration

Insert the previously created API key in the value field.

5. Contact our team

In order to complete the Mirth integration, it is necessary for the Lime team to take care of some configuration steps. Contact us at [email protected] for more details.

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