Define a minimum respondent threshold

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The minimum threshold does not apply to exports or via the API.

The minimum respondent threshold defines the minimum number of people who must respond to a question for the responses and comments to be accessible.

Setting the minimum respondent threshold

1. Access the Configuration tab through the main navigation. 2. Go to the Parameters section. 3. Click the Edit button in the Privacy section. 4. Modify the minimum respondent threshold. 5. Click Save.

Viewing survey results

Responses to a question will only be available when the defined minimum respondent threshold is reached. A message indicates the number of responses that are currently hidden when the threshold is not met.

When you apply filters to target a specific cohort or perform a keyword search, the corresponding responses will only be visible if the minimum respondent threshold has been reached.

The minimum threshold always refers to the total number of respondents to a specific question. When the threshold is met, choices of type other and comments become available, even if their quantity is lower than the defined threshold.

Here's an example:

Minimum respondent threshold: 10

Total number of respondents to a specific question: 100

Number of comments: 2

In this case, comments can be viewed because the number of respondents to the question exceeds the defined threshold.

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