Extract the data from questionnaires through our API

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After creating an API key with the Export answers scope, you can use this key to fetch data from many API resources. Raw survey data can also be consumed directly from Microsoft Power BI to quickly create visualizations and track survey performance metrics in real-time.

Importing Data in Microsoft Power BI

Users with the proper permissions must use the Export button from each survey’s Responses tab. From the Power BI section, users can select several data presentation parameters, and then use the generated link to be imported following these instructions:

  1. From your Desktop, run the Power BI application.
  1. Click on the Get Data button.
  1. Choose the Web option.
  1. Select the Advanced option.
  1. In the URL parts field, insert the Power BI link from the survey.
  1. In the HTTP request header parameters (optional) field, type "api-key".
  1. In the field on the right, insert your API key.
  1. Click on OK.
  1. Select the sheet you want to use.
  1. Click on Load.
  1. Create your personalized visualization.


You can extract the following list of information from our API:

  • List of surveys
  • List of questions
  • List of answers
  • List of dimensions

Best practice on how to use our API

  • We recommend you store the extracted data on your servers, for example in a data lake, instead of using the API as a direct data source
  • We recommend syncing our API once a day
  • In order to avoid extracting large volumes of data that you had already downloaded previously, we advise you to use the updated_at_from and updated_at_to filters
  • We don’t impose a specific time for syncing with the API

Please contact us at [email protected] to receive the detailed documentation on our API.
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