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Invite and manage members
Member roles and permissions
Member roles and permissions
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Only administrators and managers can manage members.

Member roles

In Lime, each member has a role that is associated with a set of permissions. The role is defined at the time of invitation and can only be changed once the invitation is accepted (active status) from the member list.






Data Analyst




Manages the workspace and members.


members and content.

Manages its own content and collaborates on other content.

Collaborate on other content.

Visualize and export answers and de-anonymize when needed.

Assess and optimize API capabilities.

Consult audit trail.

Can invite members

Can deactivate/

activate members

Can manage member roles and permissions

Can manage workspace configurations

Can manage workspace privacy settings

Can manage API keys

Can access API documentation

Can create surveys

Can collaborate on surveys

Can create messages

Can collaborate on messages

Can access the global dashboard

Can consult audit trail

Can access the patient list

Can export answers

Can de-anonymize personally identifiable information

Modify the role of a member

The role is defined at the time of the invitation and can only be modified once the invitation has been accepted (active status). A member cannot change his own role. It is not possible to modify the role of a suspended or pending member.

  1. Access the Members section via the main navigation.

  2. From the member list, edit the role with the picklist.

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