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Customize your default invitation message (Admin)
Customize your default invitation message (Admin)
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Personalize your invitation message when sending a survey by Email or SMS in multiple languages.

Lime comes with premade invitation messages for Emails and SMS. You can use these premade messages or customize them to your needs. This message acts as your default message, for every new survey that will be created.

You can customize SMS and Email messages per language. To customize it:

1. Access the Configuration tab via the main navigation.

2. Go to the Invitation message section.

3. Select the language in which you'd like to customize the message.

4. Click on the Edit (language) button.

5. Edit the message content either in the Email section or the SMS section.

You can use dynamic variables to further customize your messages. Those variables will dynamically be replaced by the right content each time you send a new survey.

6. Click on the Save button to apply your changes.

Revert back to Lime's premade message

You can always come back to Lime's original invitation message.

To revert to Lime's premade message :

  1. Access the Invitation section.

  2. Click on the 3-dots menu near the modify button.

  3. Click on Revert to Lime message.

  4. Apply or cancel your action from the modal.
    Note that reverting to Lime Premade message will apply to all translations at once.

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