Extract answers from a survey

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Export answers manually

You can export the answers of a survey manually, in PDF, Excel, CSV or XML format.

1. Access the list of Surveys via the main navigation. 2. Go to the survey detail page. 3. Click on the Responses tab. 4. Filter the results according to your needs (periods, cohorts, etc.). The results displayed on the screen will be those that will be exported. 5. Click on the Export button. 6. Choose a data format (PDF, XLS, CSV, or XML). 7. Choose export options. 8. Click on the Download button.

The download may take a few minutes depending on the amount of data requested. The report will automatically download when it is ready. It is important to keep your browser open during the download.

Export answers automatically

You can configure Lime to export survey answers automatically. More information can be found in this article: https://help.lime.health/en/articles/1711661970-extract-the-data-from-questionnaires-through-our-api.

Export options

The export options allow you to display different information in the different reports. Please note that the options may vary depending on the data format you have selected.

AnonymisationAllows you to anonymize, or not, personally identifiable information (PII), for questions where this option is enabled.
Include commentsAllows you to include comments from respondents.
Include performance dataAllows you to include performance data such as response rates, number of sendings and responses, event dates, etc.
Include dimensionsAllows you to see the scores of the dimensions.
Include progression and dropoutAllows you to see the % of progress and abandonment for each question, for respondents who started the survey without completing it.
Include incomplete responsesAllows you to view incomplete responses.
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