Use a portal and a unique code to grant access to a survey

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Three options are available to give respondents access to the questionnaire for e-mail and SMS distribution:

Unique codeA unique code is sent to the respondent by e-mail or SMS so that they can complete the questionnaire from Lime's "Your health experience" portal at
HyperlinkThe hyperlink allows the respondent to access the questionnaire directly from the invitation message, and to complete it only once.
Text-only invitationThe message contains neither hyperlink nor code, and allows you to invite the respondent to access the questionnaire at a location of your choice.

The unique code solution consists of sending users e-mail and/or SMS invitations containing an access code. This code is then used to access the survey from the portal developed by Lime Health.

Generate a unique code to access the survey

  1. Access the list of Questionnaires or Messages via the main navigation.
  1. Go to the detail page of the questionnaire or message you wish to send.
  1. Click on the Distribution tab.
  1. Locate the Invitation message section.
  1. In the Email and/or SMS section, click on the Create or Edit button.
  1. Choose the Unique Code survey access option.
  1. For e-mail invitations, add a Subject. This also appears as the title in the message.
  1. Add an invitation message in the Content section.
  1. The unique code leading to the questionnaire is automatically generated and added by our platform at the end of the message.
  1. Mention the access portal yourexperience in the message to indicate where the patient will enter this code to access his unique questionnaire.
  1. Click on Save.
To avoid a hyperlink being created automatically when sending the e-mail or message, it is important to avoid using the .ca in the portal URL. You can therefore mention yourexperience by omitting the .ca at the end.

Completing the questionnaire

To access the patient experience questionnaire using this portal, the user must use the code received by e-mail or SMS. It is possible to copy the code from the message or e-mail received to facilitate access to the questionnaire.

The code is specific to this user, is valid for 30 days after receipt and allows the questionnaire to be completed only once.

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