Look at the audit trail

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The audit trail allows you to see the activities of your users in the system. You can filter and analyze these activities.

Audit trail activities

Here is the type of information you will find in the audit trail:

Date & timeDate and time when the action was executed in the system.
User full nameUser’s first name and last name.
User emailUser’s email address
User IDUser’s ID number in the system
IP addressIdentification number of the device used by the user.
ActionAction taken by the user in the system (example: Update).
Object typeElement of the system concerned by the action done by the user (example: Questionnaires).
DescriptionDetailed description of the action done by the user in the system.

Filter the list of activities in the audit trail

To facilitate and refine your search in the activities list, you can:

  • Filter the system activities by predefined time periods (Today, 7 days, 30 days, etc.), or by specifying a date or period with specific dates.
  • Search for a user with the search bar.
  • Filter system activities by object type.
  • Filter system activities by action type.

Export the log activity list

Export the list of audit log activities in Excel or CSV format.

1. Access the Audit trail section through the main navigation. 2. Depending on your needs, filter the list of activities to display only relevant information in your file. 3. Click on the Export button. 4. Choose a data format (CSV). 5. Click on the Download button.

The download may take a few minutes depending on the amount of data requested. The report will automatically download when it is ready. It is important to keep your browser open during the download.
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