Single Sign On (SSO) Azure Active Directory (AD)

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Lime uses the client's Azure AD SSO to allow the organization to maintain control over its users. The client can keep his password policies, give or withdraw access to one or more users independently. SSO authentication is the most secure method for authenticating organization users to the Lime platform. It allows you to limit the data collected by Lime and to keep control over access.

Lime App approval

Microsoft documentation

Two possibilities:

1. Build the following URL:{tenant-id}/adminconsent?client_id=5c85765d-cfe6-4fd1-8e9f-f662e276affb. In this URL, the {tenant-id} must be replaced by the organization’s Azure AD tenant ID. 2. An Azure AD tenant administrator attempts to log in to In the authentication process he will be asked if he authorizes the application for all users of the tenant.

SSO integration details

  • Lime only uses SSO to authenticate users
  • Lime only collects the name, email and profile photo of the user
  • Access control is done entirely through Lime. The Lime platform is by invitation only. Only users who have been invited to Lime will be able to connect.
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