Limit sendings to a contact

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You can limit the sending of a survey or a message to the same contact during a specific period. A contact is defined as a unique email address or phone number. This option can be configured for each survey and for each message, for sendings by email and by sms.

If you attempt to send to the same contact during this period, the sendings will appear in the Sendings tab with a status Canceled and with a mention “Limit of sending to the same contact”.

Configure a limitation of sending to a same contact

1. Access the detail page of the survey or the message whose sending you want to limit to the same contact. 2. Click on the Distribution tab. 3. Go to the Sending limitation section. 4. Click on the Edit button. 5. Define the period during which a contact cannot receive this survey more than once (in days). 6. Click on the Save button.

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